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Equi-Soul: Conquering trauma and stress with equine-assisted learning

This newly developed Horse-Resource blog, is an exploration of the field of Therapeutic Horsemanship. To help support, promote and improve awareness of other charities, organisations, research and inspiration in this under represented area, which has a huge benefit to all, indiscriminate of your health or wealth status! This includes an enormous amount of abbreviations TH, EAT, EAL, EAP, TH, THR, Hippotherapy... of which was coined on Hipporcrates an ancient Greek physician and philopsopher, who described horseback riding as "Universal exercise".


We all know 'horseback' riding is a great physical workout, but so are all the other activities associated with caring for and working alongside horses, outside in nature. It's great that more research is being conducted into how horses benefit us emotional, psychologically, socially and cognitive. Its' the specific application of the unique set of skills horses help foster in humans which make TH so effective. 


Horses have been descibred as acting as a mirror into our psyche, they are sentient herd animals who use mainly non-verbal communication. The reflection of self they provide is a hugely beneficial tool for personal development on any level mental or physical. Horses help nurture your mind-body-soul and its about time empirical research supported this enabling the skeptics and data crunchers to tap into this powerful medium for the benefits of their service users!  Which is why our motto is "where research meets intuition" at Horse-Resource.


This article by Equi-Soul explains a little more about the benefits of EAL explaining how and why they use horses in trauma and stress therapy. Its wonderful to see peoples individual skills and attributes contributing to their own equine therapy programmes, making the medium effective for their client base.







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