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Horses, Autism and Healing

September 22, 2017

Autism is the largest growing developmental disorder in the world, with 1 in 66 people suffering from this pervasive developmental disorder. Traditional methods of medication and treatment have proven unsuccessful in alleviating the symptoms of this lifelong disorder.


Parents and researchers have been looking for viable alternative therapeutic solutions for helping people manage the associated behaviour problems. With Equine therapy being proven to be one of the most successful mediums for aiding individuals with Autisms development. Equine therapy or therapeutic horsemanship as some call it help by aiding


 the development of empathy, trust, communication and self-awareness along with cognitive and physical development like fine and gross motor skills.


The following article based up on a book written by Tim Hayes ‘Riding Home: The Power of Horses To Heal’ and explains warmly how people with Autism can benefit from well facilitate ET programmes.



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