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Excitement, Feeling and Attachments impact on training

At Horse-Resource we use a combination of traditional training methods and Natural Horsemanship in developing and rehabilitating our rescue and project horses. Providing them with a well rounded experience and gentle approach to training, helping to deal with their behavioural problems and rehabilitating them to successful happy horses.


The article below, discusses the importance of attachment and arousal in the effectiveness of training of horses by caregivers. This also has very clear parallels for working with clients with behavioural problems. Research has shown a lot of atypical developmental in people, generally stems from a lack of attachment to caregivers, especially prevelant in "At-risk Youth" and "Looked After Children" who have had atypical development resulting from inconsistent care patterns. Attachment disorders in humans lead to a whole host of developmental and social problems, as attention and arousal are unusually high, making learning hard as the brain is instantly on 'high' alert!! 






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