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“It’s the beauty of being with the horse. Children don’t see it as a treatment”

October 11, 2017


In Quebec, Canada the Enfants en Équi-Libre centre has opened, building on the brilliant work offered by the founders Devon O’Farrell and Joannie Chiasson. Providing therapeutic horsemanship, equine assisted therapy and Hippotherapy supported by an interdisciplinary team providing Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy to provide dynamic treatment programmes with the use of the horse.


You may ask why the differentiation between the services and what would be a suitable modality for the treatment of my child or service user. Well dependent on the children's individual needs specific treatment modalities may be more effective for targeting specific issues e.g. physical disabilities would benefit from Hippotherapy, where as Therapeutic Horseback riding may benefit service users with a broader range of symptoms physical and mental for disorders such as Autism.


What stood out for HR was the clear statement that equine therapy, whatever modality it is, is beneficial as children don't see it as a treatment. It helps break down the barriers which traditional therapies, unless the child is 100% committed, may need to overcome before the treatment is effective. 



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