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Hold your horses: Equine therapy a game-changer for those in need

November 22, 2017


HR found the personal journey behind the development of Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship Inc heart warming. The article below recounts the reason horses can be so healing for people suffering from trauma, which is relatively new to the field of TH, but parallels with the use of TH for people with Autism and other disorders which affect social functioning. The power of the horse to heal has been long known about but its the thoughtful and directive nature of TH which makes it so powerful when used by professionals to target specific goals. The use of this to empower and facilitate positive change is a powerful tool!!



"The horses can feel your emotion when sometimes it’s hard to express verbally how your feeling." 




Horses make us stay in the present by constantly responding to our non-verbal cues and the energy we emit-  feeding back the emotional states we give off, whether we know it or not! This often makes it easier to break down the boundaries and really engage with our fears and problems

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